4 Kids Walk Into A Bank

4 Kids Walk Into A Bank
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Summary: A FUN(ISH) CRIME CAPER ABOUT CHILDREN! 11 year old Paige and her weirdo friends have a problem: a gang of ex-cons need her dad`s help on a heist... the problem is those ex-cons are morons. If Paige wants to keep her dad out of trouble, she`s going to have to pull off the heist herself. Like Wes Anderson remaking RESERVOIR DOGS, 4KWIAB is a very dark & moderately humorous story about friendship, growing up, d & d, puking, skinheads, grand larceny, & family. As told by TYLER BOSS (Lazarus, Vice.com) & MATTHEW ROSENBERG (We Can Never Go Home, S.H.I.E.L.D.: Quake).
Comic Title 4 Kids Walk Into A Bank
Publisher Black Mask Studios
Alternatives N/A.
Author/Artist Matthew Rosenberg, Tyler Boss
Genres crime, suspense
Publication Run 2016
Status ongoing
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