Aliens Hive

Aliens Hive
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Summary: Stanislaw Mayakovsky once wrote a book about the cybernetic ant he designed to infiltrate a hive in order to gain precious knowledge about the species. Now, a beautiful young thief named Gill has approached Mayakovsky to recreate his experiment to infiltrate an Alien hive to gain something else precious...She wants to use his experience and expertise -- not in the pursuit of scientific knowledge, but in the pursuit of the Alien Queen Mother`s royal jelly, the galaxy`s most valuable commodity. The mission is a perilous one, but the motives are compelling...
Comic Title Aliens Hive
Publisher Dark Horse
Alternatives N/A.
Author/Artist Jerry Prosser, Kelley Jones, Clem Robbins
Genres action, adventure, graphic novel, horror, mature, suspense, thriller, sci-fi
Publication Run 1992
Status completed
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