Aliens Wraith

Aliens Wraith
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Summary: On Earth, or in the dark reaches of space, teenagers are concerned with one thing: meeting other teenagers. It`s no different for Roarke, the latest arrival to the off-world agri-colony of Tirgu-Mires. He`s making new friends fast, particularly with a young girl named Hope. But there`s more to this farm colony than Roarke first suspected. Every town has a dark secret not spoken in the light of day. Tirgu-Mires` secret just happens to have sharp teeth, acid blood and a murderous hunger for human flesh.
Comic Title Aliens Wraith
Publisher Dark Horse
Alternatives N/A.
Author/Artist Jay Stephens, Eduardo Risso
Genres action, adventure, horror, mature, oneshot, suspense, thriller, sci-fi
Publication Run 1998
Status completed
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