Batwing (2011)

Batwing (2011)
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Summary: Batwing is the Batman of Africa, a super-hero operating in the Democratic Republic of Congo. In his civilian identity he is a police officer fighting against corruption in the department. Using an arsenal of advanced technology supplied by Batman, his Batwing Suit is a powerful exo-skeleton. With his manservant Matu Ba, he wages a one-man war against evil to protect the city of Tinasha. He has been a member of Batman Incorporated, the Batman Family, the Kollektiv and Justice League International. Batwing was created by Grant Morrison and Chris Burnham, first appearing in Batman Incorporated #5.
Comic Title Batwing (2011)
Publisher DC Comics
Alternatives N/A.
Author/Artist Judd Winick, Ben Oliver
Genres action, adventure, blaxploitation, crime, fantasy
Publication Run 2011
Status completed
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