Cage Hero (2015)

Cage Hero (2015)
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Summary: A middle school student and wrestling star, raised by his strict grandfather, finds himself on an epic journey to meet his true destiny when he is recruited to lead a super-powered team of mixed martial artists known as the Cage Heroes! Thirteen year-old Ryder Stone must meet the challenge to lead a group of young talented MMA fighters from across the globe, and still maintain his grade point average. Trained in their own unique martial art discipline, all connected by a secret past, this new team will have to dig deep with themselves to protect the world from an evil network known as the Shadow Empire.
Comic Title Cage Hero (2015)
Publisher Dynamite Entertainment
Alternatives N/A.
Author/Artist Ian Parker, Kevin Eastman, Rik Hoskin, Renato Rei
Genres sports, superhero
Publication Run 2015
Status ongoing
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