Conquests (2016)

Conquests (2016)
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Summary: Many years ago, the plains of Mesopotamia were dominated by three powerful nomadic tribes: the Scythians, the Cimmerians and the Sarmatians. Weary of their endless battles, the monarchs of the three tribes forged a sacred alliance. Together, they constructed the most fearsome army in the known world, otherwise known as “The Horde.” Little did they know that at that very moment, the Hittites were regrouping on the edge of their territory and preparing to invade. Neither did they know that the Hittites had infiltrated their ranks with master spies — starting with the radiant Thusia, a mysterious scribe whose beauty has drawn the attention of Kymris, the Cimmerians’ warrior-king. It is the dawn of the Horde’s greatest challenge: a war that will set all Mesopotamia aflame.
Comic Title Conquests (2016)
Publisher Europe Comics
Alternatives N/A.
Author/Artist Sylvain Runberg, François Miville-Deschênes
Genres adventure, historical, mature
Publication Run 2016
Status completed
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