Final Crisis Aftermath

Final Crisis Aftermath
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Summary: Following the final battle of the New Gods, the spirit of the lord of evil, Darkseid, tumbles through time itself, coming to rest on Earth, where it, along with the spirits of the other evil gods of Apokolips, manifests itself in the body of a human being. Darkseid`s `fall` has sundered reality, creating a singularity at the heart of creation, into which all of space and time are slowly being drawn, setting the stage for the evil god`s final victory, to be claimed in his inevitable death. Through his agent Libra, he arranges for a huge army of super villains to be gathered, who capture and murder the Martian Manhunter as the opening salvo of the conflict. Coinciding with the Manhunter`s death is the arrival on Earth of Nix Uotan, an exiled member of the cosmic Monitors, who has been sentenced to become human as punishment for failure in his duties.
Comic Title Final Crisis Aftermath
Publisher DC Comics
Alternatives N/A.
Author/Artist Grant Morrison, J. G. Jones, Marco Rudy
Genres action, adventure, sci-fi
Publication Run 2008
Status completed
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