Gunsuits Alix (2016)

Gunsuits Alix (2016)
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Summary: You`ve read Paul Tobin and PJ Holden`s first Gunsuits adventure, starring Cassandra `Potts` Potter and thousands of universes. Now learn the origin of the war she was fighting: a very different reality, where Lieutenant Reegan Alexis is compromised in battle against a bio-mech until Walter Rice puts her back together - with a few extra enhancements! It`s Lovecraft meets Robotech in this special oversized `zero issue`!
Comic Title Gunsuits Alix (2016)
Publisher American Gothic Press
Alternatives N/A.
Author/Artist Philip Kim, Dennis Calero
Genres horror, mecha, sci-fi
Publication Run 2016
Status completed
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  • Gunsuits 2016 Issue 01
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