Kaijumax Season Three

Kaijumax Season Three
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Summary: New Season! New jumping-on point! Ah, KAIJUMAX Prison... that cesspool of corruption in the South Pacific! Tensions among the city-destroying convicts have eased after a month-long lockdown and Electrogor`s capture, and now the kaiju gangs have begun vying for power again, all-out-attacking their rivals, trading addictive smog and dioxin, and abusing weaker inmates. The Creature from Devil`s Creek, after a long time as the low man in the Cryptid hierarchy, stumbles upon some information that makes him think it doesn`t have to be like this. Also: Mind-controlled murders! Pre-smartphone navigation fails! And... some VERY old timey religion?
Comic Title Kaijumax Season Three
Publisher Oni Press
Alternatives N/A.
Author/Artist Zander Cannon
Genres drama, sci-fi
Publication Run 2017
Status ongoing
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