Master Of Kung Fu (2018)

Master Of Kung Fu (2018)
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Summary: The Marvel Universe is full of fighters: brawlers, scrappers, weapons experts, mystical kung fu virtuosi. But there`s only one martial artist skilled enough to be called the greatest. SHANG-CHI has been a pinch hitter for a long time, stepping in for Avengers missions when no one else would do, but when no one can match your speed or skill, sometimes it`s best to work alone. To see what you`ve been missing if you don`t know Shang-Chi, don`t miss MASTER OF KUNG FU!
Comic Title Master Of Kung Fu (2018)
Publisher Marvel Comics
Alternatives N/A.
Author/Artist CM Punk, Dalibor Talajic, Javier Rodriguez
Genres martial arts, superhero
Publication Run 2017
Status ongoing
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