Number Of The Beast (2008)

Number Of The Beast (2008)
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Summary: The story chronologically began in 1945, when General Zebulon McCandless, a very pious and dogmatic person, oversaw the American recovery of a crashed Daemonite flying saucer in Nevada`s Black Rock Desert. The saucer was deliberately buried where it was and turned into a bunker facility. McCandless looked upon the saucer`s teleportation, virtual reality and suspended animation technology, and an impossible idea occurred to him. He began drafting a plan to capture this era`s superhuman heroes and villains, some of whom had contributed their services in World War II, and train them to fight off the End of Days under a program he titled `Number of the Beast`.
Comic Title Number Of The Beast (2008)
Publisher Wildstorm Comics
Alternatives N/A.
Author/Artist Scott Beatty, Chris Sprouse
Genres adventure, drama, political, thriller
Publication Run 2008
Status completed
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