Pin-Up: Remember Pearl Harbor

Pin-Up: Remember Pearl Harbor
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Summary: It`s 1943 and all-American Joe is heading off to fight the Japanese. His distraught fiancé Dottie Partington is fired from her job as a movie usher, and a friend helps her find employment at the Yoyo Club, a cabaret favored by soon-to-be-deployed US Air Force personnel. In the meantime, Joe is marooned on an atoll in the South Pacific, where he experiences firsthand the terror of war, and encounters a motley crew of fictional and real-life characters. Back in the States, famed cartoonist Milton approaches Dottie and uses her as the model for his new comic strip, `Poison Ivy,` which centers on the adventures of a patriotic vamp capable of making soldiers `forget their girlfriends back home.` The strip is a runaway success and kindles the fantasies of GIs across the globe, eventually reaching even Joe.
Comic Title Pin-Up: Remember Pearl Harbor
Publisher Europe Comics
Alternatives N/A.
Author/Artist Yann, Philippe Berthet
Genres drama, historical, life sucks
Publication Run 2017
Status ongoing
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