Robin War (2016)

Robin War (2016)
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Summary: It`s Robins vs. cops! Robins vs. Robins! Robins vs. Batman! And Robins vs. the Court of Owls?! Damian Wayne returns to Gotham City, and he is not happy. There are kids all over the city calling themselves `Robin,` Bruce Wayne is no longer Batman and the GCPD, led by the new, armored-up Batman, is cracking down on anybody wearing the `R.` And things only get worse when Red Hood, Red Robin and Grayson all come back to Gotham City.
Comic Title Robin War (2016)
Publisher DC Comics
Alternatives N/A.
Author/Artist Lee Bermejo, Ray Fawkes, Patrick Gleason, Tom King, Jorge Corona, Khary Randolph, Walden Wong
Genres graphic novel, superhero
Publication Run 2016
Status ongoing
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