Shazam: The Power Of Hope

Shazam: The Power Of Hope
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Summary: Between capping volcanes, foiling bank robberies, and averting nuclear disasters, the hero known as Captain Marvel has constantly faced challenges -- leaving his young alter ego, Billy Batson, little time for his own life.

One day Billy receives a request for Captain Marvel to appear at a local children`s hospital. There he helps restore hope to a ward full of sick and needy children by granting their wishes. Yet one special child faces despair and looks to the Captain for hope. Deeply affected by his encounter, this tale shows just how human the World`s Mightiest Mortal truly is.
Comic Title Shazam: The Power Of Hope
Publisher DC Comics
Alternatives N/A.
Author/Artist Paul Dini, Alex Ross
Genres action, adventure, fantasy, graphic novel, sci-fi
Publication Run 2000
Status completed
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