Spidey (2016)

Spidey (2016)
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Summary: Think you know everything about Peter Parker`s early days? Think again. It`s action, adventure and a rip-roaring romp in classic Marvel style as SPIDEY swings onto shelves this winter! Featuring adventures from throughout the web-slinging wonder`s younger years, it`s a return to the days of overdue homework, not knowing how to talk to girls (or anybody, really) and just a plenty of danger. Witness some of Spidey`s earliest tangles with the likes of DOC OCK, SANDMAN and a host of other unexpected guests!
Comic Title Spidey (2016)
Publisher Marvel Comics
Alternatives N/A.
Author/Artist Robbie Thompson, Nick Bradshaw
Genres action, adventure, fantasy
Publication Run 2016
Status ongoing
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