The Lone Ranger (2012)

The Lone Ranger (2012)
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Summary: It`s been two months since Lone Ranger and Tonto hit the trails of the old west, looking for injustice. They`ve found plenty. Now, they come across settlers who have been victimized in a way that stirs memories in John Reid. Loss, vengeance, and redemption as pioneer idealism meets the reality of hard life on the prairie. A stand-alone tale that ties into an epic six part story that will test the mettle of the west`s most legendary heroes.
Comic Title The Lone Ranger (2012)
Publisher Dynamite Entertainment
Alternatives N/A.
Author/Artist Ande Parks, Esteve Polls, Marcelo Pinto, Simon Bowland, Alex Ross, Francesco Francavilla
Genres action, adventure, cowboy, drama, life sucks, western
Publication Run 2012
Status completed
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