Venom (2011)

Venom (2011)
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Summary: Flash Thompson is Spider-Man`s biggest fan. That hero worship inspired him to join the Army, where he became a decorated war hero. And though he lost his legs, Flash never lost his dignity - or his desire to serve. Now, the government has offered him a chance to don the alien Venom symbiote and be a hero once again! Flash Thompson is Venom, the government`s most lethal special operative. But Flash soon finds himself losing control of his own mind to the symbiote! And when his nemesis, Jack O`Lantern, blackmails Flash into serving the merciless Crime-Master, can Venom complete his mission and save his loved ones? Plus: What if the Venom symbiote bonded with...Deadpool?! Rick Remender`s gripping run is collected in two volumes!
Comic Title Venom (2011)
Publisher Marvel Comics
Alternatives N/A.
Author/Artist Rick Remender, Stefano Caselli, Tom Fowler, Lan Medina, Shawn Moll, Tony Moore, Joe Quesada
Genres superhero
Publication Run 2011
Status completed
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