Voltron: Year One (2012)

Voltron: Year One (2012)
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Summary: Commander Sven had his chance...all he had to do was hesitate for just the briefest second, and let the man that`s been trying to ruin him get exactly what he deserved. But instead he does the right thing, and all it costs him is his reputation and his command. #686 has officially become a serious problem for the powers that be, and the solution is one that`ll change the course of the entire universe. `Fearless Leader` ends, and the only question remaining is...did they send them because they thought they would succeed? Or because they knew they would fail?
Comic Title Voltron: Year One (2012)
Publisher Dynamite Entertainment
Alternatives N/A.
Author/Artist Brandon Thomas, Craig Cermak
Genres adventure, mecha, sci-fi, space opera
Publication Run 2012
Status completed
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