Wolverines (2015)

Wolverines (2015)
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Summary: From the pages of DEATH OF WOLVERINE! Logan may be dead -- but what will happen to his mortal remains, encased in Adamantium? The battle for control of this valuable artifact has begun, death is on the books for a dozen heroes and villains, and Mystique is playing chess with them all! As Sinister strikes, Daken lies crippled, and death looms for Shogun`s Weapon X crew. Only Wolverine`s legacy -- X-23, Sabretooth, Mystique and Lady Deathstrike -- can save them all. But none of them can be trusted! Then: introducing Fantomelle, the world`s most unstoppable thief, engineered to perfection! But will she be destroyed by a nightmarish monster before the Wolverines can recruit her? And surprises lay in store when the Wolverines assault Mr. Sinister`s fortress! Sinister has plans for Logan`s body -- but how are the Amazing X-Men involved?
Comic Title Wolverines (2015)
Publisher Marvel Comics
Alternatives N/A.
Author/Artist Ray Fawkes, Charles Soule, Nick Bradshaw, Andy Clarke, Jonathan Marks
Genres superhero
Publication Run 2015
Status completed
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